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We provide our DEALERS with the highest quality of inground swimming pools in a short period of time. All products, tubs, and accessories are made in the most wanted colors and shapes.
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Who created Mint

 Alfa Pools and Nelt- Titel created Mint company and, through their joint activities, have designed high-quality Inground swimming pools meeting various customer requirements.


Safety and longevity

The Inground pools’ structure adapted to customers’ needs using adequate work processes and high-quality materials to provide guaranteed high-quality products and up to annual reliability and safety of use.


Main Reason / Mission

We created MINT in order to provide suppliers and their customers with a permanent and fast solution for inground swimming pools and to influence a healthier lifestyle of each individual.

Mint Osnivaci P2A9738

We believe that time and surroundings are the most important factors for a good and healthy life. Time goes by, but those special moments are the ones you don’t want to forget. It is up to each one of us to choose what we find best for ourselves.

Ivan Živanović


Chase your dreams. 4

After longtime market research combined with trends and customer requirements, we have come up with a unique solution meeting the needs of our suppliers.

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Mint pool tub has proven to be a durable and reliable solution on my private property. A pool made of these materials is ideal for those who want a simple installation in inaccessible terrain where a quick response is required during the installation itself.

Petar Radišić
Deputy General Director and Commercial Director at Energotehnika Juzna Backa

Mint pool tub has proven to be a durable and reliable solution on my private property. A pool made of these materials is ideal for those who want a simple installation in inaccessible terrain where a quick response is required during the installation itself.

Petar Radišić

Deputy General Director and Commercial Director, Energotehnika Juzna Backa


Mint was created as a combination of many years of experience in two companies that designed a product that will meet the highest world standards. Company Alfa Pools with more than 25 years in pool construction and Nelt Titel company with more than 30 years in manufacturing polyester products intended for the world market. That’s how we get real Mint Character. Mint blend is the structure consists the highest quality materials such as:


1. Vinyl ester resin


2. Polyester resin

mat 1

3. Coremat


4. Gel

Coat With this blend of materials, the inground swimming pools get on:







Product line

3x5 sa kotama

Mint S – 5x3m

3x6 sa kotama

Mint M – 6x3m

3x7 sa kotama

Mint L – 7x3m


Every tub has the most needed structures such as stairs and benches for sitting. All surfaces are made with a non-slippery texture. Those combos can provide more safety and comfort.

Mint za sajt


In order to achieve a high level of safety of bathers on the surfaces of swimming pool stairs and sitting parts, we used the highest quality of non-slip materials.


Since we find the aesthetical aspect really important, we provided different kinds of colors specially made for pools. Following global trends, we produce Mint inground pools in the 4 most popular colors in this industry.

POSSIBILITY of  unique design

Chase your dreams. 5
mint za sajt 2
sve boje 16 9 Roman Stairs

Roman stairs - swimming pool stairs

Oval Roman swimming pool stairs 1.2 m long and r3.15 with entrance steps, and a seating bench represents a solution for the pool’s hydromassage part. In this way, you get the multifunctionality of the pool.

fly poredjane na belom

Mint fly - swimming pool steps

Elegant Mint Fly swimming pool steps made of polyester with non-slip treads serve as an addition to already built pools. They are 60 cm wide and have 5 steps. It can be additionally maintained on the existing pool. In this way, it’s a perfect solution for clients how decided to add this instead of traditional swimming pool ladders.

Speed as our starting point

The impact of the investment in pool construction is one of the first reasons why we created Mint pool tubs brand, where we paid special attention to the speed of construction with top-quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions


Mint as a brand in the pool industry was created as a result of the symbiosis of two companies, each with over 27 and 40 years of experience in their business areas. One founder’s business areas are closely related to high-quality polyurethane inground swimming pools (Nelt Titel) for the global and European market. Another company Alfa Pool LLC with 25 years as a pool contractor.

Mint imposes itself as a solution derived from all the stated experiences following customer requirements and market trends.


Assembly of the inground swimming pool construction was a process that took a long time and required money and patience. The process consisting of preparatory works and pool installation is simplified, providing the customer a complete inground pool in the shortest period of time.

Related works and even their costs are reduced to a minimum, which allows you a high return on investment.

Mint swimming pool installation can be done on fields where classic concreting methods would be difficult to approach and customers generally even give up for the stated reason. Mint as a product can also be placed on the ground and thus avoid excavation work.

Mint imposes itself as a solution derived from all the stated experiences following market trends and customer requirements.


To ensure a high level of safety, MINT has provided a non-slip part in each pool’s structure. A properly positioned antislip surface is one of the main advantages of Mint pools.

By implementing the mint pool, the client is safe from slipping on surfaces that are intended for frequent use, such as stairs and sitting bench.


Polyester is one of the basic swimming pool materials because it has a high resistance to chlorine, which is the perfect basis for maintaining water hygiene.

It is clear that swimming pools are always positioned in the sun, so the swimming pool material must be resistant to UV radiation – which every Mint pool practices.


We use polyurethane to protect pool walls and the ground floor. Using these materials gain strength, wear resistance, impact, and even resistance to different temperatures to which the pool is exposed wherever it was positioned.

 These mentioned characteristics are only a few that the pool gets using this type of protection, and it is a guaranteed quality pool that clients around the world can use in all weather conditions. Not to mention the possibilities of various activities in the pool that this material allows. In the end, however, safety and longevity are the most important to us.


The production process should not be too much represented in this branch of industry. It is important to state that each Mint product has a material that it is made of, and therefore all products from the Mint range are made without extensions and tools from other products.

 Mint inground pools are reliable and have a high level of performance, which is the basis of our work. In order to prevent osmosis in the Mint blend, we put vinyl ester resin.


The paints we use in the production of Mint Swimming Pools are specially designed for the pool industry. They have labels that guarantee consistency in the pool’s operation and as such, form an indispensable part of our MINT blend of high-quality materials.